Friday, August 28, 2009


About a month ago we went to Tibidabo which is a theme park on top of a mountain. Once you get to the top you see this beautiful church. Then directly to your right is 4 levels of theme park fun.
This is the view from the theme park. We could see the whole entire city. We rode the bumper cars.

And we went in the Kruger Hotel which was freakin scary! There were a ton of rooms and it had real people dressed up in costume from all the major horror movies, there was freddie, chuckie, the girl from excorsist, hannibal, texas chainsaw man. I nearly peed myself from fear and also from laughing so hard.

I realized I am a scardycat. I squished Bertha on the log flume, and I went on that swing ride that lifts you up and swings you all crazy and I screamed like a maniac the whole time. I think this will be my last theme park for...maybe ever. Anyway we stayed there all day and at night they did fireworks. But, we had to watch them from the bus on the way down the mountain.

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