Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pueblo Ingles group #364

these are the 50 people i spent the past week with and here we are in the small village of La Alberca. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

festival de Gracia

mural near my house. pretty nice!
giants at the festival
damn anarchists
beehive installation
i dont know, pretty lights? 

bike tourrrr!!!

more sagrada familia
la playa
if all else fails, become a street performer!

More bike tour pics!!!

Bullfighting is illegal in Barcelona, but every Sunday they have a bullfight here followed by a protest.

look at this pic very closely. red paint? or blood?
Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's masterpiece. He created this because he was a devout Catholic and many people were begining to lose interest in the church, he wanted to create a church which would bring interest and bring people together. He anticipated that it would take 200 years to finish. While building the church he became a hermit and began living inside of it, until the day he was hit by a tram car. He was old and no one recognized him so they took him to a local hospital where he waited for 3 days and died because people thought he was a homeless person and no one knew it was the famous Gaudi. He was buried with the plans of his church. Later on some Anarchists tried to burn down the church, but its stone and you cant burn stone, but they destroyed all of Gaudis plans and diagrams. Many years later, in the 60s, another architect realized that Gaudi was buried with a full diagram of the church, so they dug him up and found the diagrams and were able to continue his work. Projected due date is 2026, the 100 year anniversary of his death. 

bike tour!!!

These steps are original from the 1300s. They still work too! 
I believe if i remember correctly that this was the home of Isabela and Ferdinand. And during the spanish inquisition they would take all the infidels into the square below this fortress and pour burning oil from gargoils mouths onto the people. cool huh?
This is the Palau de Musica de Catalunya. The Catalan music hall, very beautiful and ornately decorated, its hard to get a good pic from the street because the streets are small and its a huge building but its very fancy and pretty. trust me
This is a mini version of the French Arch De Triumph, it was created for an event a long time ago and its pretty and theres parrots in this park. 
called the Gaudi fountain, its in the parc del cuitadella which used to be a huge prizon, but now it is home to one of the largest zoos in Spain! Anyway, Gaudi was one of 6 architects to build the fountain but he is the one who gets all the credit, boohoo!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday's adventures

ooh pretty castle
me-photo by me

escultura en el parc

Thursday, August 14, 2008

anarchist rally

Theres A LOT of white people with dreads here

I am told this demonstration was anti nationalism. I just liked watching all the smelly punks parade around with a a cd player and speakers in a shopping cart (see first pic) playing dead kennedys and waving torches around. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Parc Montjuic

On my way up
La Palau from the bottom
The magic fountains (not so magic during the daytime)
A closer view of La Palau
View from the top of the Parc

On my way to the farmacia

This is why its so noisy at night, apparently there is a stadium behind my house! Also in the small park near my house at night is when the whole gypsy community comes out and chills. Its kind of like how in the hood people all hang outside at night, so I guess I live in the spanish hood. 

This is a slide!!!!!

Barrio Gotico

All the doors here are super old looking and very heavy. Doors slam in my house constantly because theres just not a quiet way of closing them. But almost every door in barrio gotico or barrio chino, looks like a jail cellar. 

This is a catalan government building. Its like a town hall or something. Maybe you can zoom in and read what it says on the building. You can see the people on the bike tour that I was too late for.  :*(

Monday, August 11, 2008

My school!!!

It doesn't look like much, but this is my school where I will learn to use my head, and my brain and my mind. And I will become famous, watch!

Joan Miro Park

sometimes getting lost can be a good thing. Ive found a lot of great stuff in the city all because I was incredibly lost but I guess everything happens for a reason. This park is beautiful, it has a basketball court and ping pong tables. Very cool

Saturday, August 9, 2008

not a baboon

Hes not a baboon, hes something else, a mandrake?
I dont know I forget. 
I met him at the zoo
i love him