Friday, November 28, 2008

HIV exhibit in Raval

Here is my piece for the HIV awareness exhibit. The exhibition took place in a center called the Ambit Dona which is a health center for sex workers. There was about 10 people from my school exhibiting work that ranged from photography to huge sculptures made completely out of condoms! very cool stuff

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

later on halloween night

spanish halloween

supposedly spain is not big on halloween, luckily in barcelona there are more foreigners than actual spaniards! yay for halloween!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

U cant touch this

Pics of the mural I painted at my school! Finally!

Nit Bus Misadventures

If you find yourself in Barcelona at 12am on a weeknight, you may be disheartened to find the metal grates of the metro secured in the locked position, leaving you with no other option but the dreaded nit bus. On this particular night in question, a seemingly innocent ride on the nit bus, turned into the night from hell. We took the bus in the wrong direction, leaving barcelona and landing us in Badalona, a whopping 40 minutes outside of the city center. The bus driver kicked us out at the end of the line (we stayed on the bus hoping it would turn around and we could get off somewhere in the city on the way back) and after kicking us out he stayed with the engine on across the street while we froze in the cold deserted bus stop. Then a stray dog resembling a wolf strolled by the bus stop. I had a stupid skull painted on my face which i had painted at work. The bus driver finally pulls the bus around and lets us back in, but only to drop us off at another bus stop down the hill! This time atleast we have music to keep us entertained. Two Morrocan guys were blasting music from their car and having a gay olde time when suddenly the cops show up and ask for their documentation! We thought we were gonna see those guys get arrested but they didnt, the cops left and the guys continued to party on. Meanwhile we froze and waited. A bus finally came and took us back to where we wanted to be. At this point its about 2.30am. We stop and get some hot tea before going back to allisons. On the way back to her house, we pass a crazy man making love to himself under a street light, allison screams and runs and i thought he was chasing us so i ran and screamed too. We did this almost all the way to her house. Finally we were safe and sound, here are some pics from our adventure!