Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

makin up for lost time

Its been a very long time since my last update. So, rather than make a bunch of post dated entries, I will sum up the highlights from the past couple of months. The past few weekends we have been pretty adventurous and have gone exploring new things that we have heard about since we've been here. Most of our adventures have taken us high into the mountains of Catalunya. A small church at the top of Montserrat.

The castle at the top of Montjuic.
View of the Sagrada Familia from the top of Montjuic
Sant Pol de Mar, small Catalan pueblo by the beach.
Sant Joan beach party!!! This party marks the begining of the summer, its also a day when every single person in Barcelona heads to the beach at night to set off fireworks into the sea. Not such an eco friendly event.