Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A mural grows in Swarthmore

I painted this mural in one week with the help of 11 kids ages 7-13 and my two awesome friends, Enrique and Kevin. It took about 9 hours of painting and it was a whole lot of fun! The original sketch is the first photo. I couldn't get a view of the entire wall at once because cars were parked near it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mural at Fabretto School in San Isidro

Thanks to Bridget for the photos and her awesome painting skills AND for the opportunity to paint this!

Mural at MAA school in Xela Guatemala

This mural was inspired by the landscape, customs and culture of Xela Guatemala. I found myself drawn to the textiles weaved and worn by the indigenous people and I knew I wanted to work this into my painting. Xela is a really cute mountain town, but it seriously lacks color! I hadnt seen many murals or grafitti while I was there and I was itching to leave my mark there. One of the students at the school where I was studying Spanish found out that I painted murals and he suggested we paint one at the language school, so, this mural was born. To create this mural I traced the shadows of a few students and teachers at the school and I allowed people to paint in their outline as they pleased. Everyone had a lot of fun and I hope that this small mural inspires people to paint more around the city!