Monday, August 9, 2010

Mural at MAA school in Xela Guatemala

This mural was inspired by the landscape, customs and culture of Xela Guatemala. I found myself drawn to the textiles weaved and worn by the indigenous people and I knew I wanted to work this into my painting. Xela is a really cute mountain town, but it seriously lacks color! I hadnt seen many murals or grafitti while I was there and I was itching to leave my mark there. One of the students at the school where I was studying Spanish found out that I painted murals and he suggested we paint one at the language school, so, this mural was born. To create this mural I traced the shadows of a few students and teachers at the school and I allowed people to paint in their outline as they pleased. Everyone had a lot of fun and I hope that this small mural inspires people to paint more around the city!

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