Wednesday, August 20, 2008

bike tour!!!

These steps are original from the 1300s. They still work too! 
I believe if i remember correctly that this was the home of Isabela and Ferdinand. And during the spanish inquisition they would take all the infidels into the square below this fortress and pour burning oil from gargoils mouths onto the people. cool huh?
This is the Palau de Musica de Catalunya. The Catalan music hall, very beautiful and ornately decorated, its hard to get a good pic from the street because the streets are small and its a huge building but its very fancy and pretty. trust me
This is a mini version of the French Arch De Triumph, it was created for an event a long time ago and its pretty and theres parrots in this park. 
called the Gaudi fountain, its in the parc del cuitadella which used to be a huge prizon, but now it is home to one of the largest zoos in Spain! Anyway, Gaudi was one of 6 architects to build the fountain but he is the one who gets all the credit, boohoo!

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