Friday, August 28, 2009

fiesta mayor de gracia-Correfoc!

In the summer every neighborhood has their fiesta de barrio (neighborhood party) and this is a snippet of some of the action from the party in Gracia. Correfoc is the Catalan word which is used to describe a parade of people who run through the streets dressed like devils swirling fireworks on sticks over their heads. Corre meaning "Run" and Foc meaning "Fire", the correfoc has it all, explosions, mayham, danger and fun!
This guy was shooting fireworks at the floor and at our feet!
Heres Marc, loving the correfoc, burning the back of his tshirt.
awesome dragon with fire coming out of the mouth. The crazy part is that there were 2 people inside of the dragon making it walk like this through the streets!

I was hiding behind Marc and Enrique and still managed to get burns on my arm from some of the flying embers.
Correfoc rules!

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