Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorite works in Figueres

This one is amazing. The photo doesnt do the painting justice at all. I dont know how Dali was able to create these illusions before photoshop.
A cool little drawing
Mae West. This room is super cool. You have to wait on a long line and then go up some stairs. Then you have to view the room through a magnafying glass to make the whole illusion come together.
Little homage to Picasso
This isn't by Dali but its very cool. I didn't notice it had a face in it until after I took the picture.

Heres Dali again, another one from the Museum. This one is just creepy because when you get close you see through the bandages, two big glass eyes.

These are photos by an artist named Maria. They were displayed in the street and are bigger than life size. This is a project supported by the town hall and the government in Spain. I saw photos like this by another artist when i was in Sevilla and they were also incredible. I especialy like the juxtaposition of the scenes in the photos against the city landscape. These photos are of different Marias all over Spain.

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