Sunday, October 18, 2009

Awesome Nica Kids

These are the kids we play with every saturday. They work very hard all day everyday, but when we take them to the park they play soccer like theres no tomorrow, despite the oppressive midday heat. This is Sara, she is pictured below in a previos blog. I drew her picture on the wall at the hostel in charcoal, this pic was taken a few days after I drew it and it had rained a few times.
Emerson is super cool. He has a great smile and despite the fact that he doesnt wear shoes, he can run, jump and kick a soccer ball just as hard as any of the other kids, something which amazes me every time I see him.

Xiamara, shes very loveable and sweet and always happy to see us.

Ernesto is Xiamaras brother, he is also super sweet and huggable.

Emerson and Enrique think the coolest thing in the world is taking a video of someone taking your picture. They love taking pictures and video everytime we play so stay tuned for more pictures of these amazing little people.

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kenzaloo said...

beautiful pictures!
nettles plant is this plant that has little spikey things all over it, it looks like mint. but it's not. and it stings you like a jelly fish kinda. but it goes away. it stayed stinging on my fingers for the whole day, but this morning, i woke up, and it's gone! so that's good!!! i love you. and i miss the fuck outta you.